The world’s most expensive sheep dog Dewi Fan fetches $10,000

It’s a dog’s life they say, but for one dog, things just may get a whole lot better! A 13-month-old tri-colored female dog that goes by the name of Dewi Fan, just got itself a second rich owner, making her the world’s most priced sheep dog! The dog was first purchased by John Bell from Howden, Selby, when she was an eight-month-old pup from Welsh breeder David Streeter from Aberdare. Sold to an anonymous overseas buyer, who won a rigorous bid, wisked away the star dog for a whopping £6,300 ($10,190). The dog was originally bought by Mr Bell as an eight-month-old from Welsh breeder David Streeter (right), of Ty Dewi, Rhigos, Aberdare. The sale surpassed the previous record for which was also help by Mr Bell.

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