There is now an armoured tailored service for your dog as well

It isn’t news to hear of a man, woman or child being attacked on the streets out of nowhere. While attackers have substantially made the world a not-so-safe place for humans, we would’ve liked to assume it’s still a cake walk for the four-legged. However, the recent turn of events certainly makes us think otherwise. Helping you save your beloved pooch from the wrath of the unloving clan of assailants is Luxury Launcher website – that recently teamed up with a UK based company- Doggy Armour for an exclusive dog tailoring service. Not only does the pilot association solicit the safety of your pet, but it also promises an elegant and uber fashionable fleet of garments for your precious little fur-balls.

The brand-wear can be tailor made in colors of your liking, within the comforts of your home or at the marquee’s Essex based premises. The outer fabrics are available in 5 colors which can be further be incorporated in your preferred choice of material. Bling lovers can also embellish the dog wear with trinkets and jewels or a bespoke monogram in the alternative. The 220-gram jacket ensures the much needed toughness and durability by employing a specialist manufacturing technique that was initially designed for the military. Made from state of the art tough- grade materials, the exclusive fashion gear seamlessly doubles as an armor for effective protection against bites, spikes and possible slashes.

Giving us an insight into the novel association, Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo and Superbrands, opined: “There is an understandable desire to keep one’s beloved dog protected, but discerning owners want their pets dressed in the very best fitting and beautiful looking coats. Tailor-Made Doggy Armour is the perfect response to this requirement. Dogs are increasingly featuring in the fashionable luxury lifestyle of many of our members who want their pets to look as elegant, and be as safe, as possible.” Starting at $215, this tailor made doggy armour is just the thing you need for your precious canine!

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