This Japanese Inn has the coolest amenity of all – An adorable cat companion for guests to snuggle and share the room with

When it comes to pleasing guests, hotel owners can go miles! From an elevator bartender to in-room arcade games and even bookmarks that turn into wildflowers – we’ve seen it all in the name of hotel services. However, going a notch up and providing you some feline fancy is a traditional Japanese inn that is providing guests with a furry cat companion on their stays! Yes, that’s right!

Situated in the hot spring town of Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, the ‘My Cat Yugawara’ is an ideal abode for those who believe in the power of the feline! The experience is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience living under one roof with a cat or simply snuggle with them. The exclusive Inn or ryokan as it is called is inviting guests to stay on a ‘trail package’ which includes sharing rooms with a cat, who will arrive at 5:30 in the evening and stay until 9 the next morning.

But it’s not all play for the guests as they will also be expected to take care of the kitty and manage its litter box on their stays! Additionally, first-timers will also be required to attend a trial round at the ‘My Cat Yugawara cat café’ and train under expert staff before setting on a full-fledged sojourn with the cat companion. The trail package at the ‘My Cat Yugawara’ retails at 47$ per person (approx.) with an additional $21 per cat. Well, if you want to test yourself around a cat or vice versa, you know where to head!

[Via: Sora News 24]

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