Tibetan Mastiff touted to be world’s most expensive dog for $585,000

When it comes to buying a pet, money is definitely not a consideration for certain folks. If the Otto family paid $155,000 for cloning their dead pet dog, a Chinese woman has reportedly paid a whopping 4 million Yuan ($585,000) to buy a new pet dog. The Chinese woman, Mrs. Wang paid the massive amount to buy a Tibetan mastiff called Yangtze River Number Two. The 18-month old dog measuring 80cm high is now believed to be the world’s most expensive dog. What is more, the dog’s wealthy owner brought the dog home in great style and grandeur. Mrs. Wang had apparently alerted her friends of her grand purchase and informed them about the time of arrival of the dog. Her wealthy friends then not only dispatched their Mercedes limousines to the airport but also arranged for local dog lovers to brandish welcome banners. There are also many stories doing rounds about how Mrs. Chang found and purchased this pricey Mastiff.

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One story claims Mrs Wang, had been travelling to the town of Yushu with a Tibetan mastiff that she already owned with a view to mating it with the famously pure-blooded hounds of that region. There she saw another Mastiff named White Root and knew she had to make it hers right away. Another story claims the woman had spent some years in the quest for the perfect Tibetan mastiff, and was satisfied that the dog she found in Yushu was it.
This is what Mrs. Wang had to say about her new purchase, “Gold has a price, but this Tibetan mastiff doesn’t”.

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