Toronto’s Park9 ‘Hotel for Dogs’ (and cats) gives your pet a pampered vacation while you take one of your own

Need to go on a vacation, but figuring out alternatives for your pet are making you think twice? Toronto resident pet owners will be thrilled to know that Park9, a vacation hotel only for dogs and cats opened for business on 2nd March 2015. The hotel is a state of the art cage-less resort where dogs and cats are pampered with a lot of love and affection. The hotel has an indoor pool for dogs to splash around; cats are free to join in if they wish, though that would be an unlikely site. There’s an indoor and outdoor play area for the dogs to play and socialize along with a special spa treat for a good grooming. Every pet owner can choose the beds their pets get to sleep on; while dogs get regular beds for each, cats get their own lofts with their own litter box since they’re much private creatures than dogs. The cats have their own play area, away from the playfully hyper dogs, that has scratching poles and climbing furniture; and if that doesn’t amuse them, they could always keep themselves busy with the full in-house aquarium. Cats could be treated to the spa too. Mini bar services like treats and toys are available for both at all times.

There are attendants looking over the pets at all times, even when they sleep. Owners can even avail of the special feature of keeping track of their pet through the multiple webcams installed. There are additional one-on-one attendant and pet services like playing fetch, belly rubs or cuddle time. Every pet has to go through a screening process before being admitted to the hotel to check for friendliness and other parameters to ensure overall pet safety. Prices for cats are between $40 – $50 per night while for dogs, start from $65 and can go up to as high as $199 per night. The additional services carry an extra charge. Park9 can also have play dates for you beloved pooches during the week while you’re busy at work starting at $22 for 3 hours.

Since the Park9 is close to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, you can check your furry friends in on your way out and check them out on your way back home. Now you can rest easy on your vacation and know that your pet is being treated to unspeakable joys too!

The Park9 Hotel is owned by the creators of UrbanDog Fitness + Spa, downtown Toronto’s famous luxury grooming and training center for dogs.

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