Uber-cute Micro Pigs are the new rage among pet lovers

Raising pets at home is never an easy task, especially if you live in a cramped apartment downtown or allergic to fur. The solution to these issues comes in the form of micro pigs, which weigh 9oz at birth and grow up to measure 14 inches and weigh 65 pounds. Breeder Jane Croft sells these cute little piggies for £700 ($1,100) each, and the micro pigs receive their genetic material from Miniature Pot Bellied pigs and other breeds such as Tamworths, Kune Kunes, and Gloucester Old Spots.

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The micro pigs behave well, are affectionate, can be toilet trained easily and make no fuss during eating, though popular beliefs against pigs are stacked against them. They are being touted as the solution to people who have no space for larger pets like cats or dogs and also for those who need a companion but can’t stand animal fur due to allergies. Perhaps the micro pigs are the bonsai trees of the animal world!

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