World’s first boutique luxury hotel group for cats is on an expansion spree

Now which pet lover would refuse to pamper their kitty? This need for pampering along with the desire to provide the best accommodation for the feline’s when their owners are away led to the birth of the luxurious 5-star Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in 2010. Located in Welwyn Garden City, this luxury feline resort is truly a haven for all felines. The exquisite kitty hotel boasts of features and amenities like heated rooms, luxury bedding, gourmet food, and of course, the much-needed scratch posts. The felines residing in this hotel are treated to only the best treatments and services, including having their meals served on bone china only. A truly pampering experience for one’s four-legged friend, the 5-star Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is so popular among luxury lovers that the hotel has received bookings until Christmas 2013. Seeing this rise in popularity and demand, the owner of this 5-star feline haven, Abi Purser, has already begun expansion plans and is looking for partners to open franchises.

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Do we have any takers for this prosperous feline business?
[Longcroft Cat Hotel]

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