World’s most expensive bull, lamb and sheepdog sell in the UK

The usual suspects when it comes to investments are always gold, real estate, precious jewels and art. However there’s a whole new market of investment in well bred animals. This year has seen several record breaking sales of livestock. Of all the recent sales, perhaps the most shocking was “Incredi-bull” Vexour Garth A Charolais breed bull brought to United Auctions by Dutch breeder Jan Boomaars. The auction took just over 90 seconds to reach the record smashing price of £105,000 (about $168,000), paid by an American company through a telephone bid. Seller Mr Boomaars said “Garth showed potential from a very early age, he is a heifer’s calf out of a prolific Vexour female line, with good locomotion and milk. I knew that there was interest in the bull, but clearly not to this extent.”

Another record sale was made at Dalmally where a lamb from Ian Hunter, sold for a record price of £90,000 (about $146,000). This lamb is the son of the £30,000 Aitkenhead and £28,000 Midlock, thus making it well worth it’s price. Other sales at the Blackface Ram sale were a twin to the first lamb that sold for £60,000 and a homebred lamb that sold to Willie Dunlop for £24,000.
It’s not just livestock that is in high demand, Midge an 18 month old sheepdog that won the World Sheepdog Trials Championship sold for a record breaking £8,400 ($13,500). The final winning bid made by Suffolk shepherd Eddie Thornalley, beat the earlier record by £2,100. Eddie had previously bought three dogs from seller Shaun Richards and thus had no qualms paying the high price for Midge.
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