Your pet will sleep like a king in this $1,750 luxury dog bed

For all the unconditional love that pets shower you with, they surely deserve some fuzzy warm pampering. In an attempt to aid owners in spoiling their pooches’ silly, a pet management company – Chateaux de la pooch has come to the rescue. The luxury pet brand has introduced a series of merchandise for your coochie canines – one of which is a luxe little dog bed.

The Niche #008 dog bed, as it is called, features red cut velvet tulips on its exterior, which are seamlessly fixed onto a dark wooden base made of ebony poplar. Tiny beads of ebony also adorn the outlines of the entrance and sides of the bed. Further inside, one can find a comfortable sponge mattress with a matching cover, promising to be the perfect hideout for your pooch. Apart from ensuring the best naps for your pet, the fancy bed also doubles up as an ottoman (a perfect seat for your four-legged).
The luxe lazing pad comes in Dimensions of 22.5 x 22.25 x 20.5 (width x depth x height) inches, meaning your doggie has ample space to roll and curl up. If the bed still fails at catching your fancy, you can also check out similar options by Chateaux de la pooch such as Niche #014, Niche #004, Niche #005, and Niche #012 dog beds. Speaking of the Niche #008 bed – for being a meticulously thought out handmade pet crib, it will only cost you $1750. Not a big price for the precious loving and lickin’ I say!

[Available at : Chateauxdelapooch]

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