3D viewing of your luxury home in Phoenix

In the world of entertainment, 3D has taken the first row in top-notch enjoyment, fun and amusement. Everyone is awed by the wonders of 3D effect and so proves the fascination for movie/cartoon makers to lean that-a-way. We can thence imagine corporate folk also inclining towards 3D for their product profiles and in phoenix one particular sector has attracted some interesting lime light. One real estate agent is using 3D videos to show off luxury properties in their slot so that prospective customers can view it on their laptops, palmtops or phones and get a tangible feel of the home if time does not permit a detailed repetitive viewing of the property. This idea is the brain child of luxury real estate specialist Wendy Walker and Jeff Cools Productions company. Their latest offering is a $10 million luxury home in Paradise Valley.

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