$9.6 million for a French castle, including five Picasso murals

It sounds like a dream – a sprawling French castle with history and art reeking off its walls. Chateau de Castille, near Uzes in Provence in south France is up for sale at $9.6 million. Included in the sale, are five murals painted by none other than the art maestro of the 20th century Pablo Picasso. The castle is itself 13th century old and features several columns, geometric walkways and stone ornamentation, as well as an oval colonnade with fountains. The property spreads over 5 acres and is surrounded by neatly landscaped gardens and lines of trees. There are seven bedrooms, two drawing rooms, a library and two kitchens in the castle, decorated with traditional furnishings. The interiors were designed by American Dick Dumas.

The selling point, however, are the five murals. The artist made this special installation, which are engraved on the walls of what was once a billiard room. Each piece comes at costly price tags, but they can’t be removed ‘because of the property’s historic monument status’. Picasso made such an installation for his friend and then owner of the castle, Douglas Cooper.
Living like royalty is not such a wide-stretch fantasy any more. It is possible, if not to own it, at least to buy the experience.



[ Via : Latimes ]

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