A plush underground home which has its own bedroom to pool slide

With the overburdening world population and the lack of accessible land, underground houses may just be your key solution. Providentially, England –based NC Homes and Huntsmere are propositioning underground houses. Fear not, these homes are every bit luxurious and stylish. Named Perdu, the three bedroom house is positioned on the grounds of 19thcentury Limehurst in Bowdon.

underground home 2
The architectural team has scored some major brownie points on the environmental front. The proposed circular house features rainwater harvesting, heat exchange system and hot water heated with the help of solar tubes.
underground home 3
Of course, with an underground house there’s always the concern of natural light; however the three-bedroom home with dome shaped passage in the centre would allow natural light into the house.
underground home 4
Proposed to be hidden underneath the landscaped lush-green English garden, the stylish and chic underground house is a highly acclaimed and awarded project.
underground home 5
Analogous to every other house, the eco-friendly underground home entails a kitchen, living area, three bedrooms, jacuzzi and gym, but the best part is the slide leading straight to the indoor swimming pool.
underground home 6
While the subterranean swimming pool features an aluminium shute, the jacuzzi can be found at the bottom of the
underground home 7
Rumoured to be priced around $3.7 million, Perdu is certain of being a one of its kind low impact and self-heating home offering comfort underground.

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