A $4.4 million Malibu dream house brings with it a Ferrari F40 free!

Imagine buying a dream home and getting your dream car totally free of cost, that too as a bonus! Well if you have $4.4 million, need an ocean facing house in Malibu Mediterranean you need to act fast. If you manage to purchase the 5,834-square-foot house before the 30th of June, you can be a proud owner of the $750,000 red Ferrari F40. The house comes with five-bathrooms, chandeliers studded with Swarovski crystal, parking for as many as 13 cars, several other sophisticated features and several lion statues (!) This is a very good bargain, especially when the house on the other side of the road has a price tag of a massive $50 millions!

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The Ferrari 40 was generally made between 1987 and 1992, spots one of the best made mid-engine and rear-wheel drive sports coupe. Moreover it was considered as world’s fastest street-legal car which sped over 200mph.