A Fabergé egg-shaped house for $10 million in Moscow

Moscow has been consistent on our blog for its luxurious status. Today I go back to Moscow and bring to your attention the Fabergé egg house that is really BIG in size and price too. Listed at a whopping $10 million, this four-story, the 342-square-meter house resembles a huge Fabergé egg (the sophisticated jeweled creations associated with the royally family). Thanks to its shape it’s the most unique private home on the market. Let me tell you that this egg house is a favorite among Moscow’s architectural bloggers and general lovers of urban oddities. Obviously inspired by an egg, the architect has created the body in red and the bottom in white which gives it a look of an egg stand. The domed roof lined with arched and rounded windows and looks like wrought jewel work. It is said that no one has ever lived in the house and interior fittings, including some fresco designs, have only recently been completed. The identity of the current owner is also a mystery.

The house’s origins, as described by the Moscow architects involved in its creation and some critics, sounds a bit like the story of the chicken and the egg. However, there are lots of versions about what came first so cannot pen all of them here. Completed in 2002, the house is tucked away on Ulitsa Mashkova, a side street of the quirky Chistiye Prudy neighborhood, which is full of historical buildings and increasingly of elite apartment blocks.