A penthouse sold for $17 million in New York

NYC’s most sought-after penthouse becomes home to Californian supermarket magnate! Ron Burkle is a happy man. Who Ron Burkle? He is a Californian supermarket magnate better known as Rupert Murdoch’s recent nemesis, and why is he happy? Because he has become the proud owner of one of the most sought-after houses in New York City leaving all the other elite, high profilers like Bono and Billy Joel sulking at their loss. The loft-style apartment, known as the Sky Studio event space which ruled the market for 5 long years has finally been sold. It’s not just the seekers of this 11,000 square/foot penthouse that were famous this house was quite a star in its own right. It was featured in a few episodes of the much-watched Sex and the City as the bachelor pad of Samantha Jones’s boyfriend also master comedian Jerry Seinfeld married his wife, Jessica Klar, in the venue. If that wasn’t good enough then this should put all other doubts to rest. The penthouse is a duplex in Greenwich Village (on Broadway and 4th) its former owner, an Israeli entrepreneur, and architect, Jonathan Leitersdorf owned the entire building and even designed the three-bedroom penthouse that includes a rooftop garden and swimming pool himself.

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Initially priced for $27 million it came down to $20 million in 2004 and finally, a lucky man called Ron Burkle bought it for $17 million in hold your breath, all cash!

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