Abersoch is the most expensive home on wheels for £550,000

Talk about expensive beach homes, and no one is likely to fanthom that a home like this could garner a fortune of almost £550,000 ($715,200). But the Abersoch holiday lodge in UK does. Reasons? First, the four-bedroom luxury holiday home at The Warren in the Llŷn Peninsula resort has unrestricted views of the sea and its own staircase down to the beach. And two, the upkeep of the house can be managed through an iPhone app. Not bad when you consider that, you will be staying and partying with the cream of the society. And the 20 year land lease (yes it’s only the house on wheels that you really own) will ensure that you can pick up your favourite place on the beach and stay put there for as long as two decades. Post that, it can always negotiate. And though this house is already SOLD. there are more coming in. So get the check ready for a big slice of good life.

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