This Airbnb home comes with a giant 91-foot Aquarium pool

It’s a given that those searching for a place on Airbnb love the offbeat over the typical hotel experience. The online hospitality forum that lists millions of beautiful and unique properties from across the world has recently put up an out-of-ordinary villa in France that comes with an expansive 91-foot Aquarium pool around it! Yup, you read that right!

Christened as ‘Villa on the rocks,’ the sprawling 10,000-foot rental home is situated in the picturesque town of Bandol in France, which is just an hour away from Marseilles. It is designed by famed French architect Rudy Ricciotti, who has also put together several other iconic buildings, including the very famous Mucem Museum in Marseilles. Apart from the plush surroundings, crisp air, and standard amenities, the French Villa’s houses a 91-foot pool incorporated into one floor between a living room, a bedroom, and a patio. It is called the ‘Aquarium pool’ owing to its two-sided aquarium styled windows.

The Villa additionally comes with five bedrooms, eight beds, and three bathrooms that can accommodate a maximum of six adults and four children at once. Currently, the property is available for $697, but its per-night price is expected to rise pretty soon, given its popularity. For hilltop views of French valley and a swim-time like never before, this is a steal for us!


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