Apartments with diamond-studded foyer in Chennai, India

So what if Chennai is not known for precious stones? It surely will be henceforth! The costliest apartment project in Chennai will see each flat at the ‘Christened The Art’ project priced at a whopping $1,735,000. And it’s not just the prime location that demands the sum; it’s actually what goes into the making that commands the price! The limited-edition super luxury residential complex will have the foyer encrusted with diamonds, precious stones, and pearls!
[Image for representational purpose only]

Promoted by Vijay Shanthi Builders, the first reported proud owner of one of the four flats is PepsiCo CEO, Indira Nooyi. The project is located in the same area where AIADMK leader Jayalalitha and superstar Rajnikanth reside.

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