At £325,000, this is the most expensive chalet in all of Britain

When you buy a house you not jus pay for the structure itself, but also the locality, the ambience and the view. So if you think you are going to get a modest hut style beach chalet in a Brit hotspot for cheap, guess again. This particular at chalet in a row of 14 similar huts stands out, not only because it gives you the best views or is devoid of occupancy reservations, but its priced £25,000 higher than the rest at £325,000, earning the tag for the most expensive beach chalet in Britain!

Situated yards from Chesil Beach at West Bexington, Dorset, the 24ft by 21ft hut with UPVC-clad timber walls and a tin corrugated roof looks over Lyme Bay, Jurassic Coast and the English Channel. The timber walls inside the house are three small bedrooms, a bathroom and an open plan kitchen-cum-dining room. But you can add features like a back garden, a sun deck and off-road parking to the list too.

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