Biggest house in America for sale for $75million

We all know that the Manor house is the most expensive house in USA currently. And if you thought this most expensive mansion was also the biggest house, you are in for a surprise. The title for the biggest house in America is held by the second most expensive home in America, the Fleur de Lys. Currently up for sale, this mansion is modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France and spreads over a cool 90,000 square feet. Besides 30 rooms, a bowling alley, this lush estate even boasts of its very own roller rink and an Olympic-sized pool! A dream home for many, it currently awaits an owner who is ready to shell out its $75million asking price.

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Well, before you head to the bank to make this big withdrawal, let me warn you, it might actually take a little while before you can live in this big home as it is reportedly still under construction.

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