Birmingham all set to get a heart of gold with the $2.2m Golden Square

While the world seems to be setting its sights on one color green, Birmingham, UK also plans to add a dash of gold to its city plans with a new public square in the city’s historic Jewelry Quarter. Tagged as the ‘Golden Square,’ this $2.2m project has been designed by Capita Lovejoy. The square will be at the heart of the bustling Jewelry Quarter, which houses over 1500 businesses, 200 listed buildings and produces more than 40% of the UK’s annual jewelry markets.

02_14066_2_GoldenSquare.jpgThe concept of the square is to create an ‘exposed seam’ sequence that would run like stitches. The structure reflects the alignment of space for the kiosks and also depicts settings like seating, lighting and aesthetics like fountains, etc.