CNN founder, Ted Turner has amassed 2 million acres

He’s the largest private landowner in the country after amassing 2 million acres for about two decades now, where most of his land holdings are situated in 11 states, to name a few, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana and is now restoring Buffalo, cutthroat trout, wolves, black-footed ferrets and other flora and fauna that fills the plains before the west was won. Turner’s men kept bidding at a rapid-fire pace by climbing past $8 million, $9 million, $9.5, and finally purchased 26,300 acres of prime land in Nebraska at the cost of $10 million. This event has rubbed off many conspiracy theories but his men modestly admit that he doesn’t have a secret agenda and that he just wants to be a rancher. Duane Kim, a rancher and Turner neighbor who was outbid by $10 million by Turner, had to say, “It hasn’t taken long to find out he’s serious.” But each of his big buys only heightens the anxiety and gives rise to conspiracy theories and the most menacing of all is the fact that the Swashbuckling Atlanta executive is bent on putting Nebraska Ranchers and farmers out of business.

The latest rumor spells: Turner is trying to corner the land over the Ogallala Aquifer, the world’s largest underground water system, to gain power in the water-starved West. The other: He is scheming to create a vast wildlife refuge and turn it over to the U.S. government, removing the land from Nebraska’s tax tolls. That could hurt Nebraska schools and other services, which are already starved for cash.” This dooms fear if Turner is really attempting to save wildlife or hog all the already economically depressed land.