Damien Hirst goes green to create sustainable homes in UK

He’s created bass guitars, silver pill cufflinks, diamond-studded infant skulls, Audi A1s, and painted tires too. After dipping his fingers in a riot of colors as well as bling, Damien Hirst has now set to paint our planet green. He will create 500 sustainable homes in Devon which he expected to be a model for environmental housing across UK. This is not his first time he has tried his hand at real estate, he has also bid for converting Hyde Park building into a museum. The housing is located at Ilfracombe which Hirst has owned for the past 10 years and a pair of nearby farms.

Each house will feature photovoltaic panels and concealed wind turbines in the roofs and complement the surrounding houses. Architect Mike Rundell said the property would feature 1,000 other new homes, a primary school, small business units, and a medical center, with the construction process starting within the next six months and the building work in 2013.

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