Dreaming of a castle on a hill? Perhaps this $1 billion Beverly Hills estate is for you!

This stretch of real estate atop a hill is the most expensive property in Los Angeles with a list price of a whopping $1 billion. Interestingly there’s no Beverly Hills style McMansion located here, it’s just a semi-developed stretch of land that offers fantastic views. Known as the Mountain of Beverly Hills, the area on offer is a whopping 157 acres.

You can access this lofty estate using a private road that winds around the hill. At the top, you have access to unrivalled views of Beverly Hills.

The astronomical price is an obvious deterrent even for the most real estate hungry developers, especially since this property’s closest rival is The One, an estate that comes with a 20 bedroom home, down in Bel Air. The One is priced at $500 million.

“The Mountain can fit eight of The One properties with over 125 acres to spare,” said the listing agent Aaron Kirman of Pacific Union Real Estate. “If the buyer wants to build a theme park as massive as Disneyland, they can, with over 100 acres to spare. You can truly create your own kingdom.”

“Our likely buyer for this property is an individual who wants to build his or her own compound,” Kirman added. “This is the only opportunity to own your own mountain that looks down at all of Los Angeles. The views will be preserved in perpetuity…”

Perhaps the lure of this land is that it mixes privacy and security with access. While on the one hand, the home is locate close to shopping hot spots like Rodeo Drive, on the other hand the land is pretty isolated with no close neighbours and no fear of paparazzi.


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