Fancy a quick-fix glass house? Here’s your chance to own one!

Probably not something that our tiny little brains can comprehend yet, but pop-up glass houses are now a thing! That’s right! ÖÖD is the name of the contemporary housing brand that is ready to build you a gorgeous glass home within a crisp time frame of 8 hours! Designed to perfection and surprisingly fitted with the best of amenities, this sleek abode is certainly one, worth drooling over!

Each of the ÖÖD houses are manufactured in Estonia and can be easily installed anywhere in the country without the need for any building permit. While the tiny cabin-like structures were initially designed for hotel usage and holiday housing, they are now gathering attention for regular residential purposes. Each of the glass- clad units can accommodate two to three people and pretty much all your house-held belongings. Structured with steel, insulated glass, and thermally treated wood, it also incorporates a large custom-made bed, kitchenette, living area, and bathroom. Residual features include an adjustable floor heating feature, LED lighting and an LG heat pump with a moisture separator that provides both- heating and cooling.

Currently up and running in Estonia alone, the ÖÖD homes can be purchased for 33,000 euros (35892.45 US dollars) with exclusive Estonian furniture included in the same price. A luxurious glass cabin in the woods that can be packed up and erected within 8 hours for that price? What more can one wish for!

[Via: Inhabitat]