Not an infinity pool or a cinema room, but this $5.5 million four-bedroom mansion in Florida has the coolest amenity ever. Its very own coral reef and you can snorkel in it.

If you’re a snorkeling enthusiast who’s on the lookout for the perfect house – here’s a golden deal for you! We’re talking about a luxe mansion in the Florida Keys, south of Florida, that is currently listed for sale for a whopping $ 5.75 million.

Complete with four bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, the home is ideal for those looking for a mix of countryside and contemporary. It also includes custom-made artificial coral habitat filled with spiny lobsters, angelfish, and pufferfish, making it a one-of-a-kind property with an unheard-of amenity.

Residents can actually snorkel or dive in the “snorkel aquarium” without having to step foot outside. Commenting on it, Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty listing broker Ally Kelley in a statement, said, “I don’t think I know of any other properties in the Keys like this…You don’t see anything like that down here.”

She further added, “In the Keys, which is the premier diving capital of the world, to be able to have something right on your property to practice snorkeling and keep fish right on your property is a truly desirable thing.”

The fish habitat was designed as an original part of the house in 1996 in a collaboration between local construction firm D’Asign Source, architect Glenn Gray and Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters and has been retained ever since for obvious reasons.

Apart from that, the house also features a host of other luxe amenities such as a custom gated entry, a chef’s kitchen, an elevator, a rooftop deck, a tiki bar, a pool, 260 feet of canal front, a sandy beach, two boat lifts, and a jet dock.

The home is currently listed with Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty and could be yours if you have $ 5.75 million to spare!

[Snorkeling image used for representation only. Via: New York Post]

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