For sale – A $5 million ranch in Arizona that is plagued by ‘Alien attacks’

Studies have claimed that extra-terrestrial living beings exist on earth and there is one man who can certainly vouch for it. We are talking about John Edmonds who owns a $ 5 million property also known as the ‘Alien Ranch’ in Arizona. Edmonds claims to have encountered, fought and even killed aliens at his sprawling Ranch and is now too tired to deal with all the alien drama. A recent event where his wife was almost abducted by extra-terrestrial living beings has apparently forced him to sell off the property good.

Edmonds along with his wife, Joyce, bought the property in the year 1995 to transform it into a horse rescue yard. However, for years the couple had everything but peace at the property, owing to various alien activities in and around it. Edmonds who claims to have killed over a dozen aliens also posted a picture of his recent slaying on March 17, 2017 on Facebook. The picture sees a sword that was used by him for killing the alien alongside a pool of dried blood. The rather spooky ranch has also been featured on a Travel Channel episode of “Ghost Adventures,” from where it received its nickname – ‘Alien Ranch’.

While unusual happenings may sure be commonplace at this Arizona home, some are convinced that this is only a facade to lure in buyers. For why aren’t DNA/ blood tests or even serious investigations being conducted at this so-called alien hub up until now? Whether Edmonds’ home is an alien zone or not, is something only time could tell. For now, though, the sprawling home is up for sale. Do we any takers?


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