Forget a yacht – Check out this $5.5 million four-bedroom floating sea villa that can withstand hurricanes

You may have all the fancy supercars, and flash all the baubles you own, but nothing spells luxury as effectively as a yacht or in some cases a $5.5 million, 4,300-square-foot floating modern villa. You can feel like a modern-day Ariel or King Tritan who would obviously choose to use all this insane amount of technology we have and live in a mind-boggling floating mansion like this one. Our readers would find this to be a familiar topic as we had mentioned Arkup earlier and its now turned into a sweet, over-water reality. The Arkup is a luxury yacht shaped like a avant-garde villa doubles as a luxury sea vessel, thanks to its two 100 kW/272 hp electrical engines. It features four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, 4.5 bathrooms, a swimming platform, a retractable deck, and a roof covered with solar panels so you have abundant electricity to work this place well. The rooms are furnished by the renowned Brazilian furniture company, Artefacto, giving every room a carefree yet sophisticated beachy vibe. The kitchen looks smashing too with Silestone countertops, oak floors, and German cabinetry. The master bedroom as expected is one of the most beautiful spots in the villa with beautiful, soft tones and a private balcony. The Arkup house yacht reaches a maximum speed of 7 knots and has a range of 20 nautical miles that can be further increased with additional battery banks or backup generators. It’s not made with the intention of replacing an actual yacht or boat. It is certainly more a house than a boat which is why it should be looked at and used accordingly. No long sailing adventures on this beauty. However, this one of a kind vessel can travel along any coastline. When docking all it needs is about 20 -25 feet of water.

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The full Arkup experience comes with a price tag of $5.5 million price tag, but according to the manufacturer’s website, you can order custom house yachts for as low as $2,267.000.


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