Got $100 million? It can buy you not one but three humongous private islands in Panama!

Believe it or not, three islands near Panama have been put on sale for the low price of $100 million. Before you dismiss that opening sentence as ludicrous or the price as exorbitant, let’s take a moment to remember that just last year an anonymous buyer paid nearly twice that amount for a painting. Yes, three islands amounting to 1,800 acres of land with 50 beaches cost less than a painting. Let that sink in for a minute.

The islands of Bayoneta, Cañas and La Caida are collectively known as the Cayonetas Islands and are undeveloped and uninhabited as of now. However they are still home to 4 species of turtles and 12 subspecies of birds that cannot be found on the mainland among other creatures and critters. The islands are being offered by Pangea World, a foundation that combines business with sustainability and conservation.
With 30 per cent of the land available for development (the other 70 per cent must remain a nature reserve) any potential owners are free to build either a resort or a private residence. Buyers can work alongside Pangea World to build responsibly and sustainably on this slice of paradise.
Though $100 million may not be pocket change for everyone, we can definitely think of someone to whom this would be a steal.

[ Via : Robbreport ]

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