Haggerstone Island is the ultimate private getaway

With the inevitable rise in the stress levels, it’s almost essential that couples take some time off from kids and go to a private island to chill for a while. It’s difficult to find one that’s dubbed ‘Private’ in the true sense. Haggerstone Island, situated off the coast of Queensland, totally lives up to that word as it can accommodate only 12 people at a time. The island is situated just 600 km north of Cairns in Australia’s tropical north Queensland and is enveloped by crystal clear blue waters. The island is prosperous with tons of sand, rainforest, freshwater food, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. The inhabitants of the Island, Roy and Anna Turner have an interesting story to quote their existence on the island. When they’d moved into the vacant island back in 1985, they spent 6 years of their life alone on the island and lived their first year in a tent and the following two years carrying fresh water to and fro in a bucket.

That must be nomadic for most, but the result is a beautiful island with 4 rustic timber lodges: The Lagoon Hut, The Kwila Hut, the Beach Hut, and the superior of all, Mawu house, which offers ultimate in seclusion. It also has The main Pavillion and the sand cay for the best dining experience. The entire island could be hired for a cost of $3,900 for up to 6 guests, and a couple would need to pay $750 per head per night for a week’s stay. 4 guests could be accommodated for $700 per night per person, and 6 guests could be put up for $650 per head per night’s stay for a week.

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