Holiday Villas of Austria are a treat

The concept of building summer homes has existed for centuries. The rich and the affluent built summer-escapes to recharge their senses and rejuvenate their souls. The concept slowly captured the hearts of the middle-class too; they however sought respite from the pollution and daily living hazards of city life. A team of architects in Austria has created the perfect summer escape with beautiful holiday villas set on lake Millstatter See in Austria. The basic concept of the four-story villa is based on the hotel that stood previously on the original plot. They have retained the original architecture of stark gray walls complemented by the exposed brickwork on the outside. Pale, smooth furniture is used to furnish the interiors.
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This Austrian holiday home is a prime example of how a 1950’s style building can be transformed into a modern beauty albeit keeping the essence of the old and highlighting it with modern amenities. Best describes as- “The fluid transition between interior and exterior, coupled with the large openings throughout the build, allow nature to flow through the cold interior, giving it a warm and organic feel. While the geometric shapes of the building draw imposing silhouettes on the lake and the surrounding countryside.” The visual treat of glass and concrete with luxurious interiors is hard to resist.


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