Indian billionaire brothers spend $160 million on a royal mansion near Buckingham Palace

The Queen of England has competition from some Indian billionaires. The Hinduja brothers have now decided to “invest” (read splurge) in an expensive home in London, just an earshot from the iconic Buckingham Palace. The Hindujas who boast of a £6 billion ($9.61 billion) fortune, took five years to restore the £100 million ($160 million) mansion that was originally built for King George IV in the 1820s. the palatial mansion boasts of six floors and 50 rooms that will be divided into four spacious, apartments which will be then allotted to the four brothers Srichand, Gopichand (who reside in London), Prakash (based in Geneva) and Ashok (who lives in Mumbai). The house will also feature a swimming pool and a cinema hall.

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The home will provide for a dining room that can seat 30 people on a glass table and is adorned with Italian chandeliers, Honduran mahogany paneling and solid marble floors. The renovation alone took £40-50 millions ($64-80 millions) to renovate. Considering that the Hindujas do open homes to high-profile guests, including British prime ministers and American presidents, the investment is really a nice feather in the hat!

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