India’s costliest house is bought by steel-magnate Jindal for $90 million

The city of Mumbai offers fantastic sea-facing views, and the best way to enjoy it is by living in the world’s most expensive house. But now, even Sajjan Jindal, who owns India’s third-largest steel company (by revenues), can enjoy the beauty of the city in India’s costliest house. The three-story home called the Maheshwari House that spans over the area of an acre is located at south Mumbai’s Nepean Sea Road and boasts of a “sprawling porch and a large garden.” Priced at Rs 400 crore ($90 million), this is the most expensive deal that has changed India’s hands.

The Jindals buy a new house; they are also disposing of selling off their mansion on Carmichael Road. While there are talks of a complete makeover, I would certainly want to see those pictures. But for now, the Jindal family is living at their Jindal House located at Walkeshwar, again in south Mumbai.

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