Inside the priciest rental home in New York City which costs $500,000 a month

New York is home to several breathtaking sky-scrappers and residences. And while many of them costs a pretty penny, this lavish house at the 795 fifth avenue probably outdoes all with rent as high as $500k per month! Yup, that’s right! The plush home is part of the luxurious Pierre Hotel and consists of an entire floor at the legendary site.

Complete with six beds and baths (and a total of 11 rooms), the home accommodates a living room outfitted with rich silk and brocade fabrics, classic Murano glass chandeliers and high-end technology. The interiors also feature “soaring ceiling heights, pre-war details and an exquisite decor throughout.”

The house also showcases an array of plush amenities including an en-suite marbled bathroom with a deep soaking tub and an over-sized rainfall shower, private access to the hotel’s vibrant new French inspired restaurant -Perrine as well as a chauffeur-driven Jaguar XJL (based on availability).

An abode of luxury, tranquility and privacy, the residence comes with a private elevator, 360-degree panoramic views of the surroundings (including those of the Central Park) and all the services of a five-star hotel. Residents will also have access to the Rotunda- an architecturally magnificent lounge room with table side champagne and cocktails.

The 4,786-square-foot apartment is touted to be the most expensive rental apartment in Manhattan, with its total annual cost retailing to approximately 6 million dollars! Well, if you crave to live the hotel life with a fair amount of permeance, this 795 fifth avenue residence might just be for you!


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