An insight into Zurich’s after-hours life for business travellers

While you and I may be of the opinion that Zurich is only for wanderlust travelers and skiing enthusiasts; one may be surprised how well-equipped the metropolis is for business travelers. With meetings and conferences permeating every second from dusk to dawn, it really only leaves the evenings unoccupied; but with some amazing nightlife, gourmet culinary fare and lush green parks, I certainly believe the post 6 pm time-slot is more than sufficient to explore Zurich. While accommodation options range from lavish international chains to boutique hotels, many prefer going for hiring business apartments in Zurich. I honestly prefer the concept of business apartments given their economic value and comfort.

Zurich’s history and culture are definitely worth a mention. Although the city has emerged as one of the world’s most liveable cities with its refreshing living spaces, its ancient center boasts winding lanes and tall church steeples that have been kept intact. Conventional styles of architecture like Baroque, Classicism, Neo-Classicism adorn the city and form an interesting contrast to the newly-prevailing modern trends in architecture.

If you have been to Zurich, you can vouch for how walk able the entire city is; yet the city is home to one of the most elaborate transportation systems entailing buses, trams, funiculars, and boats.

Thankfully for our business travelers, I’ve scoured through a plethora of post work options and put together a host of recommendations to cherish the city of Zurich like a true local.

Granted Zurich is home to a fine lot of restaurants, but experiencing each one is almost impossible and a waste of your precious time; hence I have put together my top 3 favorites in the city.

Haus Hitl has definitely scored a position on every food-lovers list with its plethora of meatless delights from Indian and Thai curries to Mediterranean grilled veggies. Kindli, on the other hand, is the city’s most intimate cafe with warm, wood-paneled interiors, bistro tables laid neatly and lit by candles with some international fare. Now now, entering Swiss territory and skipping Sprüngli is unacceptable. Since the 19th century, the fancy Cafe Sprüngli has been the epicenter for fine sweets, cake, and chocolates. Satisfying your sweet tooth here is almost mandatory.

If you’re craving some after-hours entertainment, there are a plethora of options ranging from classy clubs and live-music venues to casual and alternate bars. With an extremely elaborate selection of fine wines (yes, 250!), coupled with a fine crowd, Movenpick Wine Bar has got to top my list. Clouds is yet another favorite with its rooftop views and home-made gin.

Discovering Zurich is like a bottomless pit – there’s always another spot around the corner. From St Peterskirche, the city’s 13th-century church that is home to Europe’s largest clock face spanning an 8.7 m diameter to St Peterhofstatt, a cute and cozy cobbled square seated at the foot of the church, each part of the city boasts a different element. If you’re lazy, simply picnic by Lake Zurich and gaze at the mesmerizing snowy Alps visible from the lake.

Undoubtedly Zurich has a reputation of a shopping city; granted it’s not competing with the likes of London or Paris, yet I am certainly not discounting the city’s shopping landscape. Bahnhofstrasse is of course well known around the globe as one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world. While luxury designer stores like Chanel and Giorgio Armani adorn the path, local boutiques bring equal grace and pride to this renowned street. Granted Zurich does not necessarily feature massive malls at every nook and corner, but the 2007-opened Glatt has garnered some serious attention even though it has found a home just beyond city limits.

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