Is this the most colorful home in the whole of USA?

A home owned by a jet-setting couple may just be the most colorful home in the USA. The flight attendant and pilot duo were inspired by their travels to make their Palm Springs home a multi-hued fairy-tale like abode.

Called Penguin Cottage, this home is anything but bland black and white!

From the walls to the floors, there are bright hues everywhere you look.

The private patio offers a beautiful view of Mount Jacinto.

The couple who own the home: Carl Tookey and Gregg Featherston, were inspired by their travels and especially Charleston in East Sussex, a home once inhabited by artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant who turned their home into art by painting the walls and furnishings.

Some rooms boast a theme. For example, the dining room is a recreation of a painting by Valerie Berlin Edwards, a Memphis artist.

On a trip to London’s Buckingham Palace the couple saw the Green Drawing Room —once the Duchess of Buckingham’s saloon. It became the reference for their living room.

This pink bathroom echoes a painting called “Bathing the Emperor,” in which a seagull washes a penguin in a bathtub.

The owners had a blank canvas to work with because once upon a time, the Spanish style home was all white!


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