Israeli billionaire acquires UK’s most expensive house at $70 million

Just today it has been reported that some Israeli diamond billionaire has bought UK’s most expensive house for $80 million! Actually, the home is valued at $70 million but it is the $100,000 bulletproof front door that has raised its value further. Bought by Lev Leviev, the seven-bedroom house in the exclusive north London district of Hampstead boasts a $US1.5m stone staircase constructed using 150-year-old carving techniques and an indoor swimming pool with gold-plated mosaic tiles. The Palladian-style home also features a gym, sauna, ballroom and cinema, a private hair salon, and a one-ton bathroom basin carved from a single piece of white Iranian onyx. Once installed in his new home, Mr. Leviev will be protected not only by the bullet-proof front door but by 25 security cameras and a high-tech alarm system that can be controlled remotely from a yacht in the Caribbean if necessary. In his front garden is a topiary bush that costs $46,000 to shape, and should he get cold there is a $230,000 hand-carved stone fireplace in the living room. Rollover to know a bit about the new owner………

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Estimated to be worth $7.5 billion in the present age, Mr. Leviev, a reclusive billionaire immigrated to Israel from Uzbekistan in 1971 without a penny to his name. Also having homes in Israel, New York, and Moscow, he is believed to favor a move to London because of high taxes in Israel.