Le Reve your dream home in Georgia

There are no compromises to luxurious living and the Le Reve is an example of those who take the message to heart and come through with the completion of an amazing estate that has even the best of the best coveting its possession. The amenities that are too significant to ignore (from the list of fabulous offerings) include a private 18-hole world-class golf course, a 12-car garage, equestrian facilities, a bowling alley, and a replica of Fox Theatre. All this and more accommodated in 70 acres that contain a 47,000 square foot dwelling place. It is listed as Georgia’s most expensive estate by a certain Jenny Pruitt and Associates, Inc.

Le Reve asks a lot for those who wish to own it. If $45,000,000 is in your capacity then do not forget me. I love golf and bowling too.