Liechtenstein opens its doors to parties for $70,000 a night – A country on hire

After vacationing in super villas, hi-fi hotels and resorts, even on superyachts, the corporate can now add a new technique to the hat to impressing high-profile clients. It’s time to introduce them to customized countries on hire, but smaller ones to start with. Liechtenstein’s principality will now cater to private clients by hiring themselves up for a hefty rent of $70,000 for a night. The customization includes street signs and temporary currency. As a tax-haven that also exports dentures, the country is now opening doors to a new marketing venture.

When on hire, the country offers accommodation to 150 people, apart from its strong count of 35,000 residents. The personalization would attract added costs, which have not to be disclosed yet. As you arrive at Liechtenstein, you will be gifted a symbolic key to the state. You can also enjoy wine tasting at the estate of Prince Hans-Adam II. You can also treat yourself to tobogganing, fireworks, and horse-drawn carriage rides through the capital Vaduz. You can also kill time by cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoe hiking.

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