Living life more than king-size in the nation’s costliest suite!

Money can take you places and most definitely to the USA’s most expensive suite ever! I don’t even have to mention that it’s this sprawling suite, where only the richer rich people could afford to go while the lesser mortals can just be amazed and over-awed by reading about it. But I would definitely like to mention that the Four Seasons New York’s new Ty Warner Penthouse is the place to be in! Billionaire Ty Warner, who owns the New York luxury haven, has spent a mind-boggling $50 million creating this single suite. It covers if not less the hotel’s entire 52nd floor. Wow! You can actually bike around this suite, just in case you get tired traveling inside! And it took them almost six long years to complete this breathtaking suite! No doubt it looks so magnificent. By magnificent I mean a living room with cream-colored lacquered walls, inlaid with thousands of pieces of mother-of-pearl and a towering, floor-to-ceiling bay window, which looks out across the top of Midtown’s skyscrapers. You can choose which room you would like to spend most of your time in from the bedroom which is one of the four main rooms along with the living room, a library and a spa/exercise room. The walls are made of straw, hand-laid by an artist in Paris at a cost of $1 million.

The design on the velvet bedspread was hand-stamped in Venice. Gold-threaded curtains from Morocco surround the bed, which has its own cooling system to eliminate stuffiness. If you are proud of that ancient onyx pendant that you have owned for the longest time then this is something that will leave you stunned! The bathroom glistens with a rare, translucent Chinese onyx that covers the (heated) floors, walls, and ceiling! Phew! They are not fools to charge you $30000 a night then, are they?