London’s biggest residence after Buckingham Palace estimated at £100 million

Britain has had a record of most expensive homes in the last few years, and believe me; they have no intention of holding back their building operation. Here’s a piece of some new information for the real estate savvy folks- London’s 50,000 square-foot Regency Terrace, which currently houses a row of seven office buildings, will be converted to a seven stuccoed mansion by property developer Marcus Cooper. The developer had bought the buildings at 6-10 Cambridge Terrace and 1-2 Chester Gate for £23.7m in 2007 but hoped to sell the completed “super-prime” residence for £100m. The development plan comprises 10 huge bedroom suites, several vast reception rooms, and a basement leisure complex including a cinema, gym, and swimming pool.

A 40-ft roof garden, complete with a sliding ceiling overlooking Regent’s Park, will be built into the eaves. The development will be inclusive of two additional staff houses. The colossal mansion will be sold to a single owner. It will claim London’s biggest residence after Buckingham Palace, which is a status currently held by Witanhurst House, also a redevelopment project by Marcus Cooper.

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