Luxury council flats on rent for just $146

When you plan to move to Britain make sure that you’re based at Harbour Reach in Poole, Dorset. The rents of the flats out here are extremely low. And when I say low I mean £75 (~$146) a month! Most of the citizens living out there get their bills paid for by the state. The houses are blessed with fantastic views, brilliant room structures, and verandahs with fantastic views. What else can you expect from a flat in the Sandbanks? There however is a small price to pay for this, what do we call it? A discount? This is made available for the jobless. Everyone else has to pay a whopping fee for a roof over their head in this housing haven.

We can expect more arguments and debates on the same but then the unemployed will feel lucky for a bit and lethargy will rise and so will obesity an sickness and deaths. There will be no unemployed left. Wondering how I got all these weird ideas into my head? Well, just rehearsing for a jobless spree.

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