Manhattan is the most expensive place to live in the US

A luxury apartment in the US doesn’t come cheap, and with the current inflation rates, which affect the value of the dollar, I don’t see it coming down anytime soon. If you are one of those well-stacked souls who live in the now and don’t mind spending a pretty penny to live an opulent life, then here are some of the priciest places to live in the country. The Council for Community and Economic Research took into account up several parameters for about 300 US, including the cost of 60 consumer goods and services such as grocery items, housing, health care, and transportation, and reported a fact we already knew: Manhattan is the most expensive place in the country. What we also know is that is has the most expensive parking rates.

Rounding up the top three is Queen’s at Brooklyn, Honululu, both affordable to live in but are expensive in terms of services such as food prices, grocery items, utilities, transportation, and health care.
For the curious kinds, Harlingen’s Texas border town lies at the bottom of the pile, compared to which Manhattan is three times more expensive to live in.
Check out the seven most expensive places to live in the US –
1. Manhattan
2. Brooklyn
3. Honolulu
4. San Francisco
5. San Jose
6. Queens
7. Stamford, Conn.

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