Martha’s Vineyard hits the market for $92 million, highest price ever asked

The year 2012 has been the most profitable years for real estate dealers and properties, a fact which has once again been substantiated by the latest hot property on the market- Martha Vineyard located in the charming hamlet of West Tisbury. The 266-acre waterfront plot which is actually a sum total of five plots, has an astronomical asking price of $92 million. The property includes 1,100 feet of waterfront and exclusive access to Big Homer’s Pond. It is the new most expensive listing that has appeared after the $100M NYC penthouse and the sellers are eyeing the deep-pocketed foreign buyers to make a deal.

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The property was purchased in early 1990s by “tennis enthusiast” Gerald DeBlois, who now lives on a 50-acre plot nearby. That’s a hefty return one must have for surplus property.
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