Michael Schumacher gifted an island by Dubai prince

I think the economic crisis only exists in the minds of the people! I refuse to believe that people are facing a severe credit crunch. To support my statement is this piece of news: Michael Schumacher gifted an island by the Dubai prince. Yes, I am sure all of you agree now when I say that the economic crisis is just a joke on us middle-class people. This wealthy prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai has gifted the already rich former F1 racer his very own island. Valued at roughly $7 million, Schumacher’s island will be located in the southern hemisphere, part of the “Antarctica” island cluster, when completed in a few years. This island is part of the “The World” which is a grouping of man-made islands developed to look like a map of the Earth.

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So Michael Schumacher will find his home in the southern hemisphere (part of the Antarctica islands) of this man-made the earth. Looks like Dubai is all set to please the racer by being his very own genii. After the Schumacher world champion tower in Abu Dhabi and the latest Schumacher Island, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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