Most expensive flat in the world – £100 million One Hyde Park penthouse

Touted to be the most expensive flat in the world, One Hyde Park penthouse is estimated at £100 million ($200 million). Obviously not for folks like you and me but only the likes of Russian oligarchs, oil barons, Saudi sheiks, and A-list stars can afford this kinda luxury. The most expensive penthouse apartments will feature bulletproof windows, purified air systems, and “panic rooms” and everyone on site will have access to an underground passage leading to the nearby Mandarin Oriental hotel. Although the image is not real, a computer representation, it does give a view of what it will look like when completed in 2010.

Managed by brothers Christian and Nick’s development company Candy & Candy, the project features 80 flats designed by architect Richard Rogers with communal spas, squash courts, and a private wine-tasting facility. The majority of the buyers are Russians, making up a third of the total. A quarter of buyers are Middle Eastern, 20 percent are British and the remaining 22 percent is split equally between the European and American markets.

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