Not sure if selling Rolls Royce with house or house with Rolls Royce

10 Coffin St. in West Newbury, Massachusetts is where you can buy a vintage Rolls Royce for $1,295,900 and get a 5,463 sq. ft. house on a 4.8 acre piece of land for free. Or is it the other way round? The model of the Rolls Royce up for grabs in not worth more than $50,000 and house comes with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, six fireplaces, a three-car garage, and an outbuilding that could be used as a stable or some place to park your Rolls Royce amongst the others. In spite of this incomprehensible kind of claim, the package together is worth the price.

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The property is located high on a reserved hilltop and offers bravura views of Page School all the way to the Merrimack River. You have a guest section along with 6 massive bedrooms and Gourmet kitchen to offer you some lively cooking experiences. With high ceilings and large 3 car garage park, the house is simply too large, on size, privacy and more than anything else, on luxury.

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