Only in Hong Kong – A 4 bedroom home goes on sale for US $87.3 million

Here at LL, we’re no strangers to expensive housing. We’re eating breakfast at pricey penthouses over looking Central Park in NYC; we’re lunching Los Angeles megamansions in the world’s most stylish zip code; and we’ve even enjoys cocktails in London and Singapore’s plush skyscrapers. But none of these cities are home to the world’s most expensive home (per sq. ft.). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the booming, bustling city of Hong Kong that lays claim to that.

Located at 110 Repulse Bay Road, the home is priced at $87.3 million, which is a large figure but not by far the most daunting that we’ve seen here. What is staggering though is that the area of the house is just 4,120 sq. ft. which is not an overwhelming number in luxury real estate terms. However, that puts the price per square foot of 110 Repulse Bay Road at an eye watering $21,190. Meanwhile America’s most expensive home is a great value at $6,560 per sq. ft. And the world’s most expensive home, Mumbai’s Antilla, is a bargain at just $2,500 per sq. ft. Antilla is a 400,000 sq. ft. tower valued at $1 billion.

The home in Hong Kong is a “British Style townhouse” with large windows, a walk in closet in the master bedroom, and a couple of bedrooms for domestic help. For the price, it’s not all that much.

However there is definitely a precedent which is definitely less than this home, but still miles ahead of the competition. A standalone villa in Repulse Bay sold in 2015 for $104 million which amounted to $14,436 per square foot.


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