Only in London – An underground windowless apartment is considered fantastic and costs a gnarly $2700 a month

A house with no windows is like a flower with no fragrance. However, a central London flat has gone on the market for a whopping $2700 a month despite the property missing key feature-windows! This unfurnished property is still being pushed ahead by agents who are describing this underground apartment as “stunning”. The apartment has no windows but to its advantage, it sits in near a lovely park just minutes from Tower Bridge. For those who don’t pay much attention to absorbing some Vitamin D in the comforts of your home, there isn’t much to complain about. Nevertheless, for those with a love for fresh air, natural light, and affiliation for basking in the warm rays, there’s nothing more than a small aperture that offers a peek out at street level. The 1,010 square feet flat comes complete with glossy white floors and curving painted brick walls with newly refurbished two bedrooms that also lack privacy owing to the absence of a door to separate the bedrooms. Adding to the number of disadvantages, are the stooped archways that will always come in the way of anyone seemingly tall and offer plenty of opportunities for a painful bang to the head.

By now if you’re wondering what justifies the nearly $2700 rent, one has got to admit the flat is very spacious. The kitchen has been fitted with a new hob, while LED strip lighting has been installed around the property. For someone who would like to live in an unusual home can take a look at this property that only reminds me of Hobbiton, home of many illustrious Hobbits. I think I would pick the skinniest house on the planet over this any given day, won’t you?

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[Via: The Sun]

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