Orsos Island is a man-made getaway worth $4.7 million

If your idea of the ultimate getaway is something that you’ve never seen before, the latest pad by Austrian-based firm Orsos Islands might qualify for the title. The 121ft by 65ft man-made pad can accommodate up to 12 people in six double rooms and 4 staff members. The uppermost region of the Island, the sun deck is spanned by a large open area with a sun roof, large Jacuzzi, sun beds and a separate seating area for entertainment and relaxation. It also features a covered barbecue area, complete with bar and plenty of seating for residents, while the lowest level located below water line features a spacious event and entertainment venue. The main deck features a stunning, vibrant aquarium and is outfitted with a kitchenette, bar and restaurant.

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The Orsos Island has an autonomous and eco-friendly power supply based energy system that utilizes wind energy, solar energy and heat recovery from sea water as the source of energy. The Island can also be used to establish a residential park by connecting several Islands through a fixed or floating dock system, which in turn can be connected to the mainland.
The pad that offers yacht-like luxury elements, comes for a staggering £3 million ($4.7million).
[Thesun and Orsosisland]

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